Screen shots of some video work. I look like I’m singing something awesome. But really was ad libbing a speech and was saying the most ridiculous shit ever.  Recording for my ‘in the works TV show’ #mysocalledinternetfame
Sunday with 72 notes / reblog
Do you people have fun getting followers from my photos?! ugh.  Should I just give up on caring that these people steal my work?!
Makeup for tonight. I like to mix dark with light. ✌️😜
My mommy bought me this dress for my birthday. :) I love it! Wearing it to karaoke tonight!!! (Its hard to tell but it’s pastel pink!)
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Models: me and @thevagrantkey 😄👍
I’ve been asked quite a lot lately about my circle lenses, where I buy them and what I look like without them! Well here’s my natural eyes. Baby blues!
Also, about the circle lenses, I have a sponsorship through
Their lenses are absolutely amazing, comfortable AND durable! You will love them! If you’re looking to achieve the look I normally have, search by diameter and get the biggest ones! They also make them in prescription! If you put jenniferlynnthompson as the code at checkout you will receive a free gift!
Hi. I’m awake. Are you?
Sugar and spice and every thing nice. 
Going to Marshall street. Like always.
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(please dont change my source of info/caption)
My other new pair of sunglasses. ✌️😎
These selfies are all to make up for my bad dancing skills video.
Lips like the devil. Face of an angel. 😈👼
Age is a funny thing. Its something you can’t help, but people will still judge you for it. People seem to think there’s a certain point in time where the fun stops and the serious begins. I don’t think anyone has to fall in to that mindset. Stop shaming people because of their age. Stop telling people they’re too old to do something, stop telling people they’re too old to wear that or too old to go there. Most of all stop telling yourself that.
I’m 28 years old.  2 years away from 30. and I’m happy. :D
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