Q: It's so sad that I can't be photographed by you cause I'm from Poland nah

Come and visit!!!

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Q: I love doing creative shoots, like your horror themed ones, but I stopped because I was tired of making them self portraits... How did you start finding models for your shoots? Did you hire out?

Well I started taking my photography seriously a little over a year ago. The horror themed photos I took were all people that hired me, but before I charged I would just find people on social media and ask if they wanted to do a shoot for practice and I did TFP shoots for about a month :) I literally just would post something asking for models in my area and people responded!

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Q: I really admire your photography and would love to talk to you more in depth about how you started and everything... If possible ☺️

Ok! Absolutely :)

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My boyfriend knows who I text and is adult enough to not be insecure about anybody I talk to, including exes I’m still friends with. More people should be mature enough to handle that. Maybe if they were, their boyfriends/girlfriends wouldn’t be ranting about them to someone whos grown up enough to listen.

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Just so you know, if your friends make you feel bad about your depression or your anxiety.. they are not your friends.
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Q: Well, I hope so! I'd love to be photographed by you. I think you could make me look pretty and heavenly. Or at least I hope so. Lol. You have so much talent.

I would be honored! Thank you so much!

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Q: Any trips to Texas soon?

I’m not sure! I have no plans as of right now.. But I barely plan anyway. I went to LA two days after I decided I wanted to. Lol

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