azaambie: Hey there, just started following. Love your style, keep it up! Your blog makes me miss NYC.

Thank you!!!
It makes you miss Nyc..? How come?

Friday night for the non religious.
Anonymous: Do you like at all rap or hip? if so name some artists !! and btw you are outstandingly beautiful

I don’t listen much to rap or hip (hip hop I assume?).. not that I don’t like it,  I just strangely don’t listen to music all that much.  I’m the type of person that always has the ID channel on the Tv for background noise.  btw.. I do however really like Sage Francis, Tech n9ne, eminem, and any sort of “rap” thats mostly slam poetry.

and thank you very very much!!

lilmoonfaerie: i've always been that way! like, i get easily scared by people. a couple months ago two guys pulled up beside my cousin and i in the car and just sat there and tried to get me to roll down my window and talk to them for the longest time. you just never know what someones intentions can be and i think thats the scariest thing, idk lol

I am that way also!  I know its because my mom used to take me on her drug runs when I was younger and one time a guy jumped in to the car and put a knife to her throat.. luckily shes a bad ass and just slammed on the gas and threw him out of the car.


lilmoonfaerie: okay so last year my grandma and i were waiting in the parking lot at my brothers job and there was a weird looking old man that kept walking in circles and he was really scaring me. when he got close to the car i looked the door. the next thing i hear is my grandma snorting and laughing and when i turned to look at her i heard the old man starting to laugh too because i didnt realize the window was down and he witnessed me trying to lock him out. my grandma still wont let me live it down, lmao.

HAHAHHA that’s so funny!!

There are so many times that someone walking around scares me and I lock the door and i’m always afraid they’re going to hear the door locking, because I’m sure they are all wonderful people and its bad of me for assuming they’re not.  but sometimes people act way too creepily!

thesnakes-willshow: Hey hi! So guess what! I'm currently sitting in Sydney airport (the wifi here is horrible!) waiting for my flight to go back home!! I am so fucking excited and happy right now!

That’s so amazing!  Let me know when you make it safely!!

protestandsurvive45: Would you ever consider doing a video about your tattoos?

Probably not.  They’re for me.  You can see them all in my photos and that’s enough, I think.  Sorry. :/

Going to take a shower.. so ask me stuff! Or just tell me a story.. I don’t care! Something that will entertain me while my hair dries before I go out!! LOVE YOU ALL

Anonymous: What's your IG? You're lovely and I wanna follow you!

Thank you! and it is @jenniferlynnthompson 

I invite everyone to follow me as well :D

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