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If you message me, do not put “sorry for wasting your time” or “sorry for bothering you” at the end of your message!!! I’ve seen this way too many times. You are not a waste of my time. You are not a waste of anyone’s time. You are not a waste of time period. Please never say or think that ever again

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freddy-krueger: i see what you're saying about porn sites and stuff, this whole revenge porn trend is really bad. Maybe guys don't get shamed MORE but just going by my experience with friends or whatever, if a girl gets a guys dick pic, especially unsolicited, she's gonna show everyone and be like "look at this fucking weirdo who just sent me a dick pic". Basically i see it like guys get more of a negative reaction from girls for sending nudes while guys are more like "hell yeah" when they get a girl's pic

yeah I get what you mean!  I think that’s mostly because guys just assume women wanna see it and just mass send it.. women usually do it in a trusting situation.

freddy-krueger: while i adore ash and NYD and do agree that is slut shaming, there is no waaayyy that men get away with sending unsolicited dick pics. in fact i'd say get men shamed and made fun of for it more than women do. It was definitely a shitty and unnecessary tweet though

Yeah.. in no way do I want people to dislike her because of it, it just makes me sad to see people use their “power” for negativity.. also.. you really think that?  There are websites upon websites that thrive off of shaming women who send nudes.. even tumblr pages dedicated to it.. with their personal information out in the open for public taking! Or what about the suicides attributed to a teenager trusting someone and then having their photos posted every where?! To think men are shamed for it more is not true at all and absolutely surprising that anyone would even say that!  Even take the XXX industry for instance.. these women make the choice just as equally as the men but if one of them is to make the tabloids it will always be the woman and it will always be in a degrading or insulting manner.

Anonymous: I can't believe she said that. I look up to her immensely. *sigh*

It makes me so mad because she has such a huge opportunity to empower women and instead is shaming them.. I understand people are allowed to have an opinion about sending nudes, but that language is completely uncalled for and degrading.

This is the exact reason why women will forever feel shamed for showing off their bodies. She should use her female popularity as a positive image and role model, empowering women to feel comfortable and confident in their skin. She would never say “stop sending your gross penises” to the male population because it will always be okay for men to do whatever they want with their bodies without shaming them. Its the same as Matty Mullins who goes up on stage during warped tour and calls the young girls whores because they’re wearing minimal clothing.. let’s not forget that those people stand around for hours in hot heat to see his dumb ass and they don’t get to go back to the comfort of an air conditioned bus.. it doesnt make them whores because they dont want to die of heat exhaustion.. no mention of the shirtless men though of course. Sorry for the rant.. this subject will just forever piss me off.
Its sad how many people don’t try to do something just because they’re afraid of failure.
crystal-morgue: Grrrrl what you're getting a tv show?!

I’m hosting one! Right now we have Candice Alice and chris john Millington signed on. With many more unannounced. It’s going to be a positive look at people who are popular on the internet.
We are working on a kickstarter currently to get producers !! :)

Screen shots of some video work. I look like I’m singing something awesome. But really was ad libbing a speech and was saying the most ridiculous shit ever.  Recording for my ‘in the works TV show’ #mysocalledinternetfame

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